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Surfing, sport, tradition and culture

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Surfing lovers know that California is a historic destination within this sport because it was precisely on these beaches where it began to be forged as a sport and that even provoked debate among Californian legislators regarding establishing surfing as an official sport of the Golden State, as Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), author of the bill, put it, “Nothing represents the California Dream better than surfing” (Rider, et. al., 2019). It was precisely in California where the first techniques of this hobby were established, it can even be said that Orange County is the cultural center of surfing where the most important competitions on the entire continent have taken place since surfing began to be considered a sport. For the same reason, cities like Dana Point attract many surfers from all over the world who come to the different tournaments established in different parts of California including such beautiful city.
Due to the tradition and importance of this sport in California, I hope this story serves as an inspiration to young people, as it is a fun sport and, in my opinion, strengthens bonds of friendship and family. For example, one of the organizations that promotes and preserves this sport is The Western Surfing Association and as this organization explains on its website, “the sport of surfing through fun, family-oriented surf competitions” (Western Surfing Association) maintains a healthy environment and tradition.
Due to the reasons mentioned above, and the importance of this sport, I have chosen to narrate through photographs a brief story of surfing as a culture through a competitive event established by The Western Surfing Association that will take place on April 13 and 14, in Salt Creek, in the city of Dana Point. The photographs that I included in my project include key moments and places before the event, photos of surfers training for this event and finally the tournament.


Rider, T. C., Llewellyn, M. P., & Gleaves, J. T. (2019). Sun, Surf, and Toned Bodies: California’s Impact on the History of Sport and Leisure: Introduction. Journal of Sport History, 46(1), 1–4.

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